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I am clean, and I can play Auld Lang Syne on the fiddle, so the New Year can come whenever it likes :)
(Although there are maybe a few more things I'd like to get done, like writing this post...)

Christmas Eve was the usual mad rush of shopping and wrapping, with some very highbrow carols on the tv at dinnertime, and some better ones about midnight; Christmas day was the usual mad confusion of family, with the highlight being a kazoo orchestra - I think 9 people trying to play Jingle Bells on the kazoo while occasionally unable to blow for laughing at other people's serious faces is the funniest thing I've seen this year :)

There was also bagatelle and humbug and far too much food and a silly number of presents, including a book about mathematical ideas, and some of Saumarez's letters (some more seem to have gone missing in the post), and a book of things to cut out and build (including jumping sheep which aren't stuck together yet), pyjamas, paper boats, lots of chocolate, and a thing like a teeny lava lamp with glitter inside instead :)

Om the 26th we played more games and I built things, the 27th I can't really remember anything about, on the 28th I had lunch with tigger_boing and JF and we went into town, on the 29th I learnt about stars, yesterday I went to see the torchlight procession but wasn't really in the mood for things being set on fire, and today I've commented on posts I meant to comment on before.

And there was more building things and learning about maths and other things in between - I like that I've forgotten most of what I've done, because it took me a long time to settle down to relaxing!

Tonight I'm going to a party, and tomorrow I'm going off to London - I'll decide what to do when I get there! - and on Tuesday I come back, and on Wednesday it's my birthday. And then back to work.

I have booked tickets for Celtic Connections things, including a fiddle workshop I'm not really entitled to - you're supposed to have been playing for 6 months, but my teacher told me to just say I had... - and although I'm not supposed to be wandering off places, I am kind of tempted to go to the Lake District at the end of January. It's such a dull time of year :)
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