Jen (ylla) wrote,

A mostly musical miscellany

I was in trouble in Thursday's fiddle class for playing when I wasn't supposed to be playing, and it was entirely fair - sometimes because I'm genuinely not sure what I'm supposed to have just done, and trying to work it out, but sometimes because I have (for example) a sudden burning need to know what a dorian scale sounds like, and sometimes just because I can't stand to have the fiddle in my hands and not be making a cheerful noise.
(Still, having discovered that Scarborough Fair is dorian, I now know why I couldn't work it out - I think I either need an F natural and a C natural, which aren't natural at all on the fiddle, or to start on E :) )

On Friday night I went to the pantomime, which was good fun.

Yesterday I went to a fiddle workshop at Celtic Connections, which was nice, but a bit of a disappointment - it was advertised as being for people who had played for at least 6 months, and I think I and the other girl from my class who was there (who have really only been playing since September) were hoping for something quite challenging for us, and it wasn't like that at all. Still, I got a new tune out of it, and to feel like a real fiddle player for a while :)

I also took back a dress which didn't fit (which was a shame, because it was a very beautiful dress) to John Lewis, and collected another dress, which also turned out not to fit, from Frasers.

A grand total of 4 people came to my birthday party in the evening (which was kind of what I thought would happen), although since they were nice people, and I wasn't feeling very sociable, I'm not sure I mind :)

Today I am going to my cousin's to see her new kitten, and then to another Celtic Connections concert.
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