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This is not so much a determinedly cheerful post as a slightly confused one - the near future seems to be filling up in a way that shouldn't happen until about May, although it is the ball season, so what should I expect.

January 21st-23rd - this is a busy weekend when I want a quiet one!
Things happening:
Friday night: Henrik Jansberg Band at Celtic Connections
Saturday afternoon: Annual walkthrough? I haven't said yes yet...
Saturday night: NS Annual (where I finally get to wear my new blue and silver dress)
Sunday night: The Legends' Fiddle Competition at Celtic Connections. Why did I book another Sunday night concert? Should be fun, though, and at least I get a seat for this one.
Things to do beforehand:
Nothing in particular

January 28th-30th - I'm still very tempted to run away to the Lake District, where there will be lots of trees and fresh air and not many people. It sounds good...
Things to do beforehand:
Book train tickets and accommodation, when I've made up my mind.

February 4th-6th
Things happening:
Saturday night - family games night

February 11th-13th
Things happening:
Friday night: Last date to sign up for short courses
Saturday: Newcastle Festival
Sunday: Yeavering Bell? Or the Northumberland coast?
Things to do beforehand:
Buy a train ticket. Avoid being talked into competing. Check with DL that I can have a bed. Find out where tigger_boing wants to go on the Sunday.

February 18th-20th
Things happening:
Saturday or Sunday morning: Snowdrop walk?
Saturday night: Glasgow Ball

February 25th-27th
Things happening:
Things to do beforehand:
Get a ticket. Sort out transport (probably with NS/whoever is arranging it)

March 4th-6th - nothing is happening here yet!

March 11th-13th - lots of posh frocks
Things happening:
Friday night: P's engagement party
Saturday night: St Andrews' Highland Ball

March 18th-20th
Things happening:
Friday night: Scots Music Group Concert. We'll all be brilliant by then :)

March 25th-27th
Things happening:
Ceilidh Culture starts.
Saturday night: Spring Fling dance.
The clocks change.

And that's the end of semester 2, thankfully

I should also make a post about studying, and one about musical things like last Sunday's concert and new tunes, and probably one about holiday plans for the year, but those will have to wait until other lunchtimes.
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