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I had mostly a very good weekend - discounting bits spent with a little cartoon thundercloud over my head (which is how I feel now - I think everyone in my office has reached the stage of wanting to throw things at each other - and really just means I want to sleep for a week, or at least for a weekend).

On Friday night I went to see the Jansberg Band (or the Jensberg Bend, as they announced themselves in proper Danish fashion) - I just about fell asleep on the train, and more or less dozed through the support act, who were playing music that sounded like the strange patterns your computer makes when it listens to music, but I woke up for the main act and really enjoyed it - more traditional than I had expected from the description, with some more kind of modern folk mixed in. I want to learn Danish tunes!

Saturday afternoon involved helping with the walkthrough for the NS dance. There have been very few people at the last few, which seems odd - and I prefer having more people there. But it was fine, even if I felt like I was speaking alien languages at times.

The dance was very good, and I got several compliments on my new dress, and danced every dance except one, and had a lot of fun :)
I'm almost sorry it's three weeks until the next one, although that allows other things to happen - and me to recover, because I think I'm too old for this dancing every dance business ;)

Sunday I mostly spent being worn out - which was quite nice in its way - and then I went to another concert in the evening - this time the Legends' Fiddle Competition, which was a mix of a musical history lesson and a variety show. Mostly what I learnt from it was that I genuinely prefer 18th and 19th century dance tunes to flashy modern ones - and that I want to learn Northumbrian/Tyneside tunes too...

Next weekend I am going to the Lake District, in the hope of finding peace and quiet and wearing myself out walking so that I sleep a lot. It'll be nice to get away, I think...
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