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Lakes and courses

I am trying to do too many things at once - except if I only do one thing I get bored, and really the problem is that I never - at work or otherwise - get to do one thing until it's finished and then start another, so that I feel as if my brain has been chopped into slices.
I want to write lj and reply to emails and reply to things on course fora and type up my assignment and plan dancing things, all at once, and so I don't really start on anything and then it's time to work again and much the same happens, only with more interruptions from students.

Deciding to do the second assignment for the astronomy course seems to have been the right choice, since I stopped looking at it and putting it off and actually got quite a bit done over the weekend - partly because I wasn't trying to do anything else, I suppose. I walked until I got where I was going, and worked on the assignment until I was too sleepy, and slept until it was time to get up and walk again, and it was lovely.

I went down to Windermere on Friday night on a train that was a bit like a travelling petshop - two dogs and a ferret sitting behind me - and walked out to the hostel with an unimaginable number of stars overhead.
Saturday was still clear - sunny and gorgeous and absolutely freezing, with the frost still on the grass in the late afternoon wherever the sun hadn't reached. I walked up to the north end of the lake, bypassed Ambleside as it looked a bit full of people walking very slowly up the street, and had lunch at Rydal before heading round the south side of Rydal Water and Grasmere and down to Hawkshead and the hostel there.
Sunday was damp and grey and cold and definitely winter, and I went down round Esthwaite Water and through Near and Far Sawrey to get the ferry back to Bowness, and back to Windermere and a lunchtime train home.

I've only been to the Lake district once before, and I still can't quite escape the feeling that someone has tried to make a theme park of the highlands and put it where it's easier to get to - but I do like it, and at least at this time of year it's easier than I expected to get off the tourist trail, although I met quite a few people walking.

The materials for the new plants course have come - I had a quick look, and it looks... difficult - but the website doesn't open until Tuesday, and I'm not going to look at it properly until at least then. I have stars and things to play with first!
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