Jen (ylla) wrote,

getting there

I'm actually not doing too badly at the getting things done business - it's spilled over from Sunday right into today, but that generally happens, and in that time I've been in touch with various people, including one I'd been putting off for a month, and made various posts and comments on things, and got a good bit more of my astronomy assignment done.

There always seems to be a point when Far Too Much To Do turns into actually not all that much, and it doesn't necessarily correspond to a big effort in getting things done. I think in this case it was finally getting out of that state at work - catching up with all the things I couldn't do while I was covering for other people before Christmas, and then being two people again afterwards - and leaving more energy for things outside it.

Or maybe it's just that the sun has finally decided to rise before 8am and set after 5pm, which is a state of affairs I thoroughly approve of.

I still have to write 100 words about dark matter, which I should have done today, and will hopefully do tomorrow - and then I can start thinking about plants, and maybe other things!
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