Jen (ylla) wrote,

I've been feeling fairly wobbly for most of the week, which has not been good for dancing, or playing the fiddle, or studying - I've been a bit better yesterday and today, but still get wobbly if I try to think.

I've spent a fair amount of time curled up with the memoirs of Admiral Saumarez, which I got for Christmas - that sounds like an insult to him, but it's not really; I've enjoyed his serial letters home, and just not worried too much about what's going on. I've only just reached Algeciras in any case, and I have no idea about anything that happened before that unless Collingwood was involved.

On that note, this amused me: Captain Ball writing to Captain Saumarez in October 1798
When you get your second medal, beware of the ladies, if they hear such a story of you as of our friend Collingwood.
Intriguing image :)

I really shouldn't go dancing tonight - but the group running it need the support, and I would mind not getting to go...
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