Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which there was an IVFDF where I've never been before

I'm not going to do a proper IVFDF write-up this time - I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I even feel better for it, but I really just drifted through it quietly.

I went to the caller's workshop and called a dance, and went to the Scottish workshop because I'm always interested to see other people teach, and called a dance at the survivor's ceilidh, so that'll do for useful development ;) And I did my best to help various sets survive the Scottish dance, which was a slightly ambitious programme for the people there, and did bits and pieces of Playford and random ceilidh, and got to talk to bessiebell and DL and RM, and went for walks, and generally had a nice time without being very sure what I got up to.

Bristol mostly seems to be made up of very tall thin houses, approximately one room on top of another, all painted slightly different colours, which is pretty. It also has a mysterious thing called a floating harbour, and an exciting suspension bridge, but I didn't have too much time for wandering round. I saw my first daffodils of the year as well, but mostly it was still in the crocus stage that we're just reaching.

I've had a lazy morning off work to recover - we got back very late last night - and better head off to work to see what kind of chaos they've managed to create for me.
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