Jen (ylla) wrote,

This weekend I'm planning to go to the botanics and go shopping and catch up on studying (IVFDF and illness having got a bit in the way), and maybe play games. Next weekend I'm off to Newcastle. The one after that has the fiddle concert and a callers' workshop in it, the one after that has the Spring Fling dance, the one after that looks quiet, and the one after that I will hopefully be off to Hadrian's Wall. There's some kind of on/off pattern to that, but I can't quite define it.

Today's miscellanea - I was attacked by the banister this morning, and had to pull 6mm of splinter out of my pinkie. You can still see where it was. And a student came in and asked if he could sign 'a declaration of independence' for his project :)

There are a few reflective/self-indulgent bits and pieces coming up - sometimes things make more sense written down, or told to someone else.
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