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On dancing

Well, I'm mostly kind of not.

I try to go to the intermediate class on Tuesdays, but that's an hour that tends to start slightly late because of hall issues, and although I'm not sure I would say it was a low standard for that level, it is somehow fairly low intensity. (I've learnt a lot at classes technically below my level in the past, whether about the dances or about teaching, but I don't feel that happening here.) It's nice to get to dance, but if there is a not very useful number of dancers, I end up dropping out to let people play who need the experience. And I've given up on dem class for the past while - there are some teachers it's not worth me trying to learn from, because I'll just spend my time getting wound up and trying to wind them up, instead of learning anything :)

Dancing on Tuesdays generally means that I don't even try to get to Dunedin on Wednesdays, because three nights out in a row is a bit much, and that's a shame - but I've been drifting in and out of Dunedin for years and I'm used to it, whereas I feel bad if I never make the NS Tuesdays.

On Thursdays I'm usually tired from fiddling, and although I enjoy seeing NW teach I find I don't dance much in social, either because I'm busy worrying about the time and the callers and everything and forget, or just because no one asks me and I'm not feeling bothered enough to force myself on people. And I don't get to the pub, because it makes me so late home, and I'm not feeling sociable anyway...
I'm a bit tired of writing the social programmes too, but I think that's mostly the time of year - I've had to think of too many by now, and my favourite part is always the first semester when you really see the new dancers improve week by week.

But when I do get to an actual evening dance I really enjoy it - it's not the dancing itself that's the problem. So maybe I should just give up on the idea of classes for the moment - but I'd get even more out of touch with NS than I am, and I'd have to find some other active things to do...
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