Jen (ylla) wrote,

I don't know that I'm much less tired now than on Friday - partly because of the messing about with time, and partly because it was a reasonably hectic weekend to end a hectic two weeks.

A lot of Saturday was actually fairly quiet - I spent quite a bit of time playing the fiddle, and avoiding studying in various other way - and then the evening had the Spring Fling dance, which was *huge* - maybe a bit too huge for finding the people you wanted to dance with - and full of cake, and generally good fun - only I didn't get home until after 1, and that sneakily turned into 2, and I had to be out again just after 9 the next morning.

Sunday was very good, in spite of the early start and getting slightly lost on the way - I went to a workshop at the Botanical Gardens on making herbarium specimens, which was great fun. We were shown how to dry things, and then because of the timescale we were given some that were dried earlier and shown how to lay them out and stick and fasten them down - also given a tour of the herbarium and shown a few of the specimens, including one from the Beagle, and the oldest one they have, from the Cape of Good Hope in 1697 (I think), and read an early set of instructions for making a specimen, which are hardly different from what happens now. All very Age of Sail, hence the icon :)

I still need to finish fastening down the bits I didn't have time for, and take pictures of what I made, but I don't think I'll have much of a chance before Saturday (and daylight would be nice, although there's more of that than there used to be).

The next two weeks are going to be relatively quiet by recent standards - just Dunedin on Wednesdays and the fiddle class on Thursdays - but I need to study madly in between, to make up for all the studying I haven't been doing while everything else was going on, before I go away...
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