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I only have one weekend at home in April, and this is it - although as usual it didn't stay quiet, and I went to a concert on Friday night (I half wished I hadn't, because I was shattered - a Friday theme - but then I was glad I had, because Sigrid Moldestad was amazing), and I'm going out soon to go skating and possibly have dinner and then play the fiddle.

The next two are part of the great Cumbrian/Northumbrian adventure, and reasonably well behaved, although I haven't quite confirmed all the accommodation.

The next two are Waverley adventures to the Western Isles, and are confusing me.
I decided that I was going to make more of the second weekend, because I liked the trips better - but then I realised that the reason I had originally planned to do more of the first weekend is because there are two dances on the second weekend that it would be quite nice to go to - but it would then be just about impossible to get back to Oban even for the Monday sailing, and I don't think I want to go to the dances that much.
I also badly want to get up for the Friday sailing from Skye, as that's further north than the Waverley usually goes, but to do that I'll have to leave at Thursday lunchtime, and miss the first fiddle class of the new term, and an extended social that could probably do with me there... (If I leave after the fiddle class, I could still get up to Inverness that night, and to Raasay in time for the sailing back, but it's not the same. I think dancing is just going to have to lose out.)

Boats seems to be winning over dancing quite a bit this year, given that I'm also missing the beginning of the Dunedin festival...
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