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I have been back in Edinburgh for 5 days, and I'm off to Oban tonight.

I also have two end-of-course assignments to send in next Thursday (although one has been written since January, I just need to check through it), so lots of studying on trains this weekend - I would say on boats, but it's supposed to rain and the Waverley is miserable when it rains, with too many people squeezed into not enough space. (I'll go, but I doubt I'll find space to spread out a book.)

I have new trousers, but I bought them before I went walking, and now I've got thin.

The whole walking roughly 100 miles over a week and then going to a dance business was, I think, good on balance, although bits of it were very hard going. (Not the dancing bits. They were good.) Next stop the West Highland Way? I didn't think I was up to it, but DL thinks it's no worse than the Hadrian's Wall crags ;)

This has been an odd in between sort of week, because the holidays are so confused this year - NS is back, the fiddle class met up socially, Dunedin is still off, and we're just starting on exams at work. Next week would have a fiddle class in it, if I wasn't running off to Skye instead...

I'm going off now to take a picture of a tree :)
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