Jen (ylla) wrote,

I feel a bit like my life has been put into a spindryer at the moment - nothing dramatic, just the usual exam term chaos turned up a bit - so I might have more to say when it throws me out again.

I seem to be getting tireder and tireder this week, and maths has addled my brain, so that this morning I was dreaming that I had to dance around the perimeters of triangles, and then I couldn't get up unless the time was divisible by 3, only I wasn't awake enough to realise that hours always were, and I only had to worry about minutes (if I had to worry about them at all).

At least this weekend I get whirled into Tarbert, if only for about a day before I go rushing off around the country again - and I need to sleep and read and go for walks and study and play the fiddle and whatever other people want to do all in that time, so it may not be very restful.
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