Jen (ylla) wrote,

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I seem to have got myself caught up in another non-stop whirl - straight from work today to the fiddle class and then NS, straight from work tomorrow to my cousin's engagement party (and staying away overnight), home sometime on Saturday morning to turn round and go to Aberdeen that afternoon for a dance at night. Then home sometime on Sunday (depending if I stay for the gathering they have the next day), and straight from work to demming in the Gardens on Monday.

I never mean to do this - I start with a reasonable number of things, and then they seem to feel lonely and gather together.

I think what's stressing me out (apart from thinking of things I should be squeezing in in between) isn't the running around at the weekend, it's knowing how much we have to do at work before Tuesday, and that there's no time when I can stay late to get things done without upsetting something else...
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