Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I have been quiet

Well, in theory the mad rush is over – exams sorted out, new boss arrived – but I seem to have got so used to being wound up that I've forgotten how to unwind. Either I dot about restlessly, not managing to settle to anything for fear of neglecting all the others, or I just shamelessly do nothing at all - and neither is very useful for getting things done.

Anyway, there was a week when I had enthusiastic plans for all sorts of things, and then I ran off to Newcastle in a very holiday mood, and had a lovely weekend involving dancing, breakfast in the garden, walking by the seaside, good food and wine in very good company, and a stately home with doll's houses and woodpeckers. Then there was a more struggling sort of week with new boss and very little energy, and a tireder Newcastle weekend, this time with tigger_boing and a dance in Alnwick and a very good workshop on the Sunday (and more meals in the garden).

This week has been another long one, and I'm now on my way to Newcastle for the third weekend in a row, for a dance which is simultaneously three birthday parties – but I really should be writing an essay about ancient Egyptian and Greek maths, and I'm definitely not.
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