Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I am a bit in demand

Having taken it into my head that I should go to a 'proper' concert at least once in my life, I have bought a slightly expensive ticket for a slightly posh seat for this, to cheer me up, and lead nicely into the crazy October.

On October 5th I am doing what they call a teaching night for Dunedin - which really just means that I get to talk a bit more than usual when calling, I think. It should be fun, as I like explaining things about dances, and I've already written the programme, so there's not much more to worry about - I'm just slightly nervous due to a) people who've been dancing longer than I have and b) people with not much patience for being talked to when they could be dancing!

October 8th is the Unit 1 exam, and I keep getting distracted from it - which is a problem. But I expect I will make it through in the end...

October 14th is the closing date for an interesting looking job.
October 15th and 16th are Freshers' Weekend, and I've been asked to run the country workshop and call for the evening dance again - which I like doing. And it's Oban, which is nice. However, they're also the days of what might be the last ever Waverley sailings - and that would definitely be a strong pull!

(I also called a bit for a Dunedin ceilidh thing a few weeks ago, so I'm feeling kind of in demand dancing-wise, which is nice :) )

From the 20th to the 24th I'm away in Northumberland, and this is not as organised as it should be.

And somehow by the 28th I have to have done a nature study and written all about it...

I seem to have given up on the idea of a fiddle exam, and this is probably a good thing :)

Otherwise, there are too many places I want to walk to, and not enough days to go walking in...
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