Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which it is November

So I have survived October, which had two exams in it, and nature study, and an OU assignment, and 6 days of walking for miles, and generally too much busyness, and made it into November, which although fairly busy should be *fun*, especially where dancing is concerned :)

(But I do seem to have reached the horrible stage of making plans for the whole rest of the year - I hardly seem to have got used to it being 2011 at all, and now it nearly isn't.)

Among other excitement I soon get to start my possibly-last OU course, which is about The Frozen Planet, and appears to combine bits of geology and meteorology and botany everything else to make a very suitable end to my Certificate in Contemporary Science. I'm looking forward to it. :)

As a side effect of the last course, and all my seaside wanderings, I am slightly addicted to a site called iSpot - you take pictures of plants and animals and things, and work out what they are, and post them, and then other people agree with you, and you get points for it, and more little birds and plants after your name. I like this as a way of finding out what things are - I take a few things at a time, and it seems to work on the right kind of scale.

There is more to say about wanderings and the rest of the year and all sorts of things, but I must go fiddling now.
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