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Tha an rathad a' ruith gu tuath

It's not properly December without Runrig. But they have posted tour dates for 2012 (although not for December yet) - so I may be off to Denmark in June, as late August is far too long to wait...

I have adventures on my mind at the moment - the last couple of years I've gone to London at New Year, but this year I'm only off until the 3rd, which would make it a bit rushed, and also I decided the last time that I should go back to London when it's not the school holidays (and settled on a weekend in June, then went to Newcastle that weekend instead).

So I've been trying to think of somewhere else to go - it has to be England, because no Scottish transport runs on the 1st of January. I could get into Northumbria or the Lake District easily enough, or probably even north Wales (where I've never been), but it's not really the time of year for wandering in the wilds. Newcastle is always a posibility - plenty of prowling round to do that I don't do if I'm just there to dance or visit people - but I'll be back that weekend for a dance, so it seems a bit silly. The only other idea I've come up with is Shrewsbury - Cadfael, of course - which isn't really any quicker to get to than London. I haven't been in the west of England much, though.
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