Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I appear to have spent the year doing 5 things at once

The year in first lines

Apparently St Pancras station is the place to go for free wifi in London - so if you ever need to know that, now you do

I am trying to do too many things at once - except if I only do one thing I get bored, and really the problem is that I never - at work or otherwise - get to do one thing until it's finished and then start another, so that I feel as if my brain has been chopped into slices.

This weekend I'm planning to go to the botanics and go shopping and catch up on studying (IVFDF and illness having got a bit in the way), and maybe play games.

I only have one weekend at home in April, and this is it - although as usual it didn't stay quiet, and I went to a concert on Friday night (I half wished I hadn't, because I was shattered - a Friday theme - but then I was glad I had, because Sigrid Moldestad was amazing), and I'm going out soon to go skating and possibly have dinner and then play the fiddle.

It is ridiculous how happy knowing why a triangle inside a half circle has to be right-angled makes me.

I may finally have been thrown out the other end of the whirl, as the last exam board was this afternoon.

Well, in theory the mad rush is over – exams sorted out, new boss arrived – but I seem to have got so used to being wound up that I've forgotten how to unwind.

If my mind is going to sing to itself, I wish it would learn the words.

The canteen downstairs is selling a mysterious substance labelled 'Veggie haggis broth soup'.

I need to go to the seaside and find four more examples of things living on a rocky shore, so I can post their pictures and release my assignment questions - but I'm not dedicated enough as a naturalist to go out in the pouring rain we had this morning, and I have to go dancing in the afternoon.

So I have survived October, which had two exams in it, and nature study, and an OU assignment, and 6 days of walking for miles, and generally too much busyness, and made it into November, which although fairly busy should be *fun*, especially where dancing is concerned

It wasn't supposed to snow
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