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In which I have almost been social

After a very quiet end to the old year - I didn't do much between Christmas and Hogmanay except sleep and read Agatha Christie - I've had a pretty hectic start to the new one.

I saw the year in with tigger_boing and vililee and a couple of others - still pretty quiet, with dinner, word games and wandering out to watch the fireworks from a distance. On New Year's Day I went down to Newcastle, where I had some nice walks - Whitley Bay to Blyth one day, and wandering round the town walls the next - and nearly ended up stranded by the winds coming back on the 3rd.
I was back at work for a day, off for my birthday, when I walked from Dirleton to Aberlady, and back for another day, then the weekend adventures started - back down to Newcastle for a dance on Friday night, a gathering afterwards, walking on the beach at Bamburgh, a dance in Edinburgh last night, and lunch with my family today.

I'm worn out, and heading back to a mountain of exam scripts to sort out tomorrow... :)
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