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What will I do on Friday night?

Go to see Runrig at the Barrowlands
Go on my work night out
Go to the New Scotland (dance club) Christmas party
Go to Alba (dancing)

Runrig should be brilliant, as the atmosphere and company and music should all be really good - but I'm already going to see them at the Usher Hall on Saturday night (less good atmosphere, but the last night of the tour, yay)
My work night out is probably what I *should* do, but they asked me last, and I don't know them so well.
The Christmas party will be good fun and have really good company, and I really want to go - but I've been to other New Scotland parties before and will again. But I missed last year's Christmas party too :/
Alba would be good as dancing is always fun, but is probably outclassed by other things on the list ;)
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