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in which I am rearranging myself

I had an oddly Friday feeling yesterday, having handed in the assignment, so instead of getting stuck into the pile of Dunedin work which has been building up for me, I really did nothing once I got home. I didn't even manage to get to bed early. But I did go to new fiddling, which was nice.

For about a year and a half I've been settled into the same pattern - home and studying on Monday, library (or similar)/dance class/sorting out dancing stuff on Tuesday, Wednesday either home and out again to dancing and the pub, or library/dancing/pub, Thursday library/fiddling, and Friday very much depending.

And apart from being a bit relentless it does basically work, but there have been two main problems with it; the first that it's difficult to get uninterrupted internet time anywhere except at home, and so any studying stuff which has to be done online is squeezed into the run from Friday to Monday (and if I'm away for the weekend, not really squeezed in at all), and that if I go to the fiddle class on Thursday, and then away for the weekend or even out on Friday, I've forgotten everything I learnt by the time I touch the poor fiddle again.

And then I saw an advert for a different kind of fiddle class, covering common session tunes, on Monday nights, and I thought 'it's a shame I can't do that', and then I thought 'well...'. And tigger_boing is giving up teaching the Tuesday class anyway, so it's a good time for a change.

So for this term there will be fiddling and organising things on Mondays (and more fiddling on Thursdays), and going home and studying on Tuesdays. And it might be better, but at least it will be different, and save me from feeling like I am going stagnant.

The main problem with the new system is likely to be lack of dancing - and lack of contact with New Scotland - but I can try it and see how it goes. I enjoyed the fiddle class last night, anyway.

However, for the next three weeks there is no studying anyway, and I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself - today at lunchtime I wandered round Quartermile, where I had never been before - it's an odd mix of old and new, but I quite like it. And I'm having a railway adventure at the weekend, and there is all the Newcastle festival team stuff to sort out, and a Collingwood society meeting to run off to at some point - but I still feel like I need some good books!
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