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In which I have been to the frozen north

It has been surprisingly wintry the last few days, but that does mean that I get to wear my lovely purple winter jacket, so...

It was a very tiring weekend, with FG's birthday dinner on Friday night, with 26 of us squeezed into the not-very-big back room of the pub, and then a 6:30 start on Saturday to get the train to Aberdeen to dance all day at the RSCDS youth workshop - we were worked pretty hard, although the dances we did were fun - and then there was an evening dance, and then there was a party, and I eventually got to bed 20 hours after I got up... I am definitely getting too old to be young.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed, and involved pancakes, a lot of random whistle playing, getting a go on a tandem, and eventually a more energetic than planned seaside walk, where I got a bit lost and went further than I expected.

But there has still not been enough sleep involved, and tonight we did nothing in the highland class except the very peculiar dance the teacher is writing for the end of term show, so my brain is addled too. Never mind... I can sleep now!
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