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In which the College valley is dangerous

Today I had too much adventure, and fell off a bike1 halfway down the College Valley - about half a mile of very gentle slope down suddenly leading to a dip and sharp turn to a bridge - I knew I wasn't going to make the turn, thought I was going to hit the fence, and slid sideways on a patch of gravel instead.

This is all Collingwood's fault.

I was back on the bike and off before giving myself time to think about it, and then about a mile and a half later I thought I better check how much my elbow was bleeding, and discovered I couldn't turn it enough to see without shooting pains and odd clunky feelings, or bend it very much either. This didn't actually stop me taking pictures of the oaks, but I thought I better head back to Wooler without further adventures.

By the time the bus to Berwick came I could barely bend my arm by 30 degrees, and I was actually quite worried - but I went and got patched up by the minor injuries people there, and they were about 98% sure I've not broken anything. And it is a lot better now, but I also have a huge bruise forming on the side of my hip, and I'm too sore to move and too sore to stay still. I better try sleeping anyway...

1This is technically a lie - the bike and I fell over together.
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