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In which it is Tuesday, and almost November again

Maybe I should take a leaf from a friend's book and always write about things on Tuesdays - it's the only day I reliably have free, but I do tend to take this as an excuse for doing nothing at all!

Once again I seem to have arranged things so that everything piles on me at once - festival committee meeting, weekend away, music theory exam, ordinary committee meeting, fiddle exam, all in the space of two weeks. But at least November is fun, even if it is mostly piled full of dancing - there's the fiddle festival for a change towards the end, and all the dances are fun.

The weekend with the accident in the middle of it was another fun-but-tiring one - Newcastle on Thursday night for the RSCDS class, followed by whisky and conversation with D+R (etc.), then Northumberland on Friday, a sad lack of Waverley on Saturday - she was stormbound in the south of England, apparently - and finally to Crianlarich for the end of the NS Freshers' Weekend, where I was mostly too sore to dance but did manage to play on two whistles and two fiddles...

Then this weekend I mostly did nothing. A bit too much nothing, because I'm all behind with useful things, but I suppose I'll catch up eventually.

And then I cut my hair, because it's winter hat weather now.
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