Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I am not very sure

If I wanted to summarise the year so far, I could talk about how I started it with a few days walking in Northumberland, and had an adventure to the west coast on my birthday, and went to a posh ball, and moved to a new fiddle class which is much more fun, and went to Celtic Connections concerts, and a dance workshop in Leeds with a return journey up a very snowy Settle-Carlisle line, and fiddle workshops at the Sage where I learnt about English things, and a Collingwood society meeting (Newcastle twice in four days!), and then we were practicing for the Newcastle Festival which happened last weekend, which was great fun and also included trips to Lindisfarne and Cragside with tigger_boing, and lots of talking time with D+R and other people.

Or it could be about how I spent the Christmas holidays not sure what I'd be going back to face at work after some very nasty emails from someone who thinks he's more important than he really should be, and a committee meeting which turned into a row which left the committee split down the middle, and how worrying about how I can put it back together again meant I didn't get a decent night's sleep from then until I came down with flu almost a month later and was too exhausted not to sleep (I did one of the Newcastle practices on a day which I spent the rest of in bed, and was still feeling quite wobbly on the day itself, although I'd been back at work for a few days by then), and all the things I didn't get done while I was ill - even once I was back at work that was quite enough for me for a few days without trying to do more in the evenings.

And both versions are entirely true.

I'm still in the process of recovering from the flu, but I must be better, because I can feel a sense of surprise that I feel tired, instead of just accepting exhaustion. And definitely still recovering from the row - but less immediately on edge, I suppose. I still don't have a clue what will happen.

Anyway. This weekend I can more or less do as much or as little as I'd like, then there are some busy weekends again - IVFDF in Exeter next weekend, and an adventure to Barcelona and Montserrat the weekend after. And there will be dancing and music and sunshine and flowers. Honest.
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