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Today's miscellanea

I had an email this morning from someone who claims to come from the inside the moon, where they live in the future with various great men and women of the 19th and 20th centuries. SB says she is not sure if it was spam or a fantasy novel.

More sensibly, I also got an email about the folkworks summer schools, so I should remember to sign up instead of dithering about it!

I went to the early Sandy Bell's session again yesterday - not a good as last week because they put me in the middle where other people could hear me and I couldn't hear myself and I made a mess of things, but still fun. I'll try to lurk at the back again next time! I like their tunes, and the speed, and the general atmosphere.

I seem to be flying about a lot at the moment - to Bristol last Friday and back on Sunday, and then on Friday I'm off to Barcelona (via Gatwick) and back (to Newcastle) on Sunday again. And then there is the question of whether it's reasonable to be in Newcastle three times in one week - I was pondering next Saturday‘s dance, but I'm already going to be down on Tuesday for the Collingwood society's annual lecture...
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