Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I have almost been productive

I was supposed to be going to Glasgow early this morning to go on the Waverley to Tarbert, but when I got to Haymarket I discovered that none of the ticket machines or cash machines were working for me.

I don't *think* it's my card, because it was fine yesterday, and it hasn't been eaten - but everything just keeps saying it can't process my transaction.

So having gone home to find some money, I'm now chasing Waverley to Largs by train. Not the end of the world - I'll get the Kyles of Bute, which is the best bit, and going along the Clyde once in a day is probably enough.

I started off quite well at productivity yesterday, then kind of fizzled out.

Things I did:
- went to Morningside to get dance fliers from the hall
- delivered said fliers to a dance in the evening
- bought birthday presents
- bought wrapping paper
- went to the bank to pay in a cheque
- ordered a book I wanted
- bought another book by accident
- ordered more birthday stuff which will probably come too late
- fought the evil paypal to send someone money
- rewatched Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell to make sense of it before the new episode

So I suppose I don't have to worry about any of them any more, but the things I didn't do were important!
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