Jen (ylla) wrote,

Non-Waverley adventures

I should not be trusted with weekends. I could hardly walk yesterday because I climbed a hill too energetically, I didn't sleep properly because of people that came in at 2am and shouted, I got sunburned, I forgot to drink enough water, and was generally not rested for the week ahead..

More Waverley shenanigans this weekend, as the sailings were cancelled and left me with half an adventure booked. Having decided that I was going down by train anyway, it really wasn't the Waverley's fault that the ordinary Edinburgh-Glasgow trains were off and I had to get a slow Helensburgh one, or that 30 pensioners tried to get on the Oban train at Crianlarich when there were already people sitting and standing in all the vestibules and bike spaces, leading to a row which saw 4 coaches going to Oban but 18 minutes late, when there was exactly 18 minutes between the train getting in and the ferry leaving... but it was all just what I would expect, somehow.

The ferry waited, though, so I made it to Mull, and up the hill that was hiding in mist last year, and back to Oban, and then didn't really know what to do with Sunday and went to Tobermory, where I didn't really know what to do with myself and went to Kilchoan and back, which was quite exciting because the spray was coming right over the top of the ferry. And I feel like I've left part of myself out there and only brought part back to deal with exam boards and committee meetings, but maybe I'll catch up with myself when I've had more sleep.

The mystery of my bank card is elucidated but not solved, by the way - apparently the chip has stopped working, so I've been doing a lot of old-fashioned swiping and signing, and they're sending me a new one but it hasn't come.
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