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I have all sorts of good intentions about posting more, but I also have Too Much Too Do, and when I've done it I don't really want to make more words (and if I haven't I don't really get to play).

I had an adventure last weekend which was a bit too adventurous, where I didn't see a road for nearly 24 hours - I was quite surprised when I first saw an actual car on an actual road again, because I'd kind of forgotten about them. Only I walked too far, and my feet got very wet and very sore, and I will know better next time, except that I won't.

Today we had a festival practice - adventures and practices and meetings mostly make up my life at the moment, apart from work and sleep. It seemed to go fairly well, but I wasn't paying much attention to the dancing, because the music takes all my brainpower and then some more. I am however quite proud of myself for not running away when RM wandered off and left me as one of only two people on the music for a set - I'm not saying I made good music, but I stayed. I am brave!

Tomorrow I might have an adventure again...
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