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Pretending to be a tourist

I am having my fringe experience this week, because I went to two concerts on Tuesday night - although my fringe experience probably involves more sitting in churches than most people's.
(Number of concerts in churches I have been to in the last week: 5. Last time I went to a concert not in a church: 2nd May (also the last time I went to a concert before last week's, to be fair).)

The first one was Scottish fiddle music old and new, and was improved by the addition of unexpected Pete Clark, who I thought wasn't playing anywhere this time.

The second promised me hot chocolate, but gave me a tiny cup of something more like lukewarm chocolate soup, to be eaten with a spoon. Anyway, it was Italian baroque - some recorder, some violin, and then a singer who gave me the giggles because he kept sticking his head forwards and shooting out the words as if he was trying to attack us with them, like a vicious nodding dog.

So I have had my culture.

I am sadly disappointed by the book festival, which seems to have genuinely nothing I want to see (apart from Alistair Moffat while I'm away, I suppose, but nothing new to me). I'll prowl down to the shop at some point anyway, although I don't need more books.
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