Jen (ylla) wrote,

Yuletide and dry feet

I have no spare time. But I do have new shoes that hopefully won't let the rain in, so that is something.

Because I have Despite having no time I appear to be signing up for Yuletide for the first time - the set of possible fandoms has appeared today, so that is exciting!

I can tell that at least two more people - probably more - have nominated Hornblower, because there are 5 characters for the TV version and 6 for the book (each person can nominate 4 characters), and I only put in Hornblower and Bush for the book.

But I seem to be the only person who's nominated M+C - my four characters for the book, and no nomination at all for the film. So that is sad. (It's possible that someone else has nominated the book with just Jack and Stephen, I suppose. But no Sophie, who I was hoping to offer to write.)

And since the film was my fourth safe fandom to write it means that I'll either have to offer more Heyer - which I probably would have done anyway - or JS+MN (where the TV version has managed to come through with no nomination for Norrell - it's quite clear the pairings people are after! - so it would have to be the book, which is a bit... intimidating!)
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