Jen (ylla) wrote,

Whenever I am on the Waverley I get the impression that ships are a very sociable kind of being - in May we’re always talking to the Clansman or Lord of the Isles to see what things are like out beyond the sound of Mull, or the Staffa tours boats to see what it’s like round there, and this morning they’d been talking to the Renfrew ferry (apparently ‘the only other person on the river’) to see what the mist was like for them. And then there’s the hooting as we pass, and the silly little noises that are all some of the big Calmac ships can make!

(And now I suddenly understand where some of the odder yuletide ‘fandoms’ come from, because how much would I love a kind of Thomas the Tank Engine for ships, with the big Oban ferries, and the tiny short crossing ones, and grandma Waverley - who is the ship equivalent of the kind of old lady who breaks her wrist falling off the table because she was painting the ceiling, and goes home to get on with the walls with her other hand!)!
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