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In domestic news

I have been having a peaceful but sort of productive day with SB, while she made a ball dress and I sewed up teeny hats and made teeny pompoms and Bonnie-the-cat pounced on measuring tapes and wool and scissors and knitting needles. The idea was that we could talk as we worked instead of being distracted by books and internets and things, and it did seem to work. And we had pancakes for lunch :)

I have been oddly exhausted all week - not so much one thing, I think, as a combination of not having got over the clocks changing and always going to bed a bit late and a midweek trip to Newcastle last week and a weekend walking and feeling like I'm either coming down with something or fighting something off, on top of general busyness. So I am trying to rest, but not very good at it!

I have a new tablet to replace the one which was possessed, which is good, and it is very red, which is good, but everything about it is just a bit different - and not always better. I suppose I'll get used to it. And I have just bought it a bright red case, so it will be cheerful looking, at least.
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