Jen (ylla) wrote,

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Things I would have liked to happen today, or yesterday in some cases (some of which still might happen):
  • going to the library
  • studying for 4 hours
  • sewing up at least 10 more teeny hats
  • sewing up Amelia's hat (actual hat for actual baby) I did try this, but although it went beatuifully invisible the ends didn't match, and I had to undo it again...
  • writing the Sell Moor Hill walk report
  • writing the Lever's Water walk report
  • at least putting the pictures in the Swirl How walk report
  • replying to various lj comments and similar
  • making a post for anything_aos
  • replying to emails

    I always seem to get caught up in this tangle of 'but I want it off my mind'/'but it will be fun'/'but I want to rest'...
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