Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which there is slow progress

My new red tablet now has a new red case, although Amazon confused things a bit by sending me an email saying that they'd left it with my neighbour at 36 while actually leaving it in the garden in the rain. So the tablet feels a bit more solid and reasonable, and I don't have to worry so much about carrying it about.

I also have two new books, delivered last week, and no time to read them, which is a bit unfair - but I really bought them in case I needed to read them for Yuletide, and now I have to reread something else instead. (And I am worrying about Yuletide, but I believe that's traditional, so I won't worry too much about it!)

Otherwise I am getting there slowly - the second attempt at sewing up the hat worked, more or less, but I seem to have twisted some of the end stitches, and some are pulled tight and some are loose, so finding the bars between them is hard work, and at the worst bit I just eased it together as best I could. Oh well. I will learn. I've only done one more little one, and none of them are beautifully invisible at all, but if they're together I think that's all that matters really!

And I have at least sorted out the photos for the walk reports, which gives a structure to start from.

I suppose at some point I should make a post that isn't an annotated todo list!
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