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Not exactly Aubreyisms

I was thinking this morning about getting muddled up - I am looking for music that is like Leonard Cohen only more cheerful, and I do actually know that he is the music and Leonard Nimoy is Spock, *but*. And phlebas wanted me to try Bowie, and I thought 'well, I do like the Subterranean Homesick Blues', and then realised I was at it again - it's not that I think the Space Oddity man wrote that song, but I do apparently think that David Bowie is Bob Dylan!

But today the title turned up in my head as Mediterranean Homesick Blues.

I only know the first couple of lines:

Doctor's in the orlop, mixing up the medicine
I'm on the quarterdeck, thinking about the punishment

Although actually

Look out mid, it's something you did
Don't know when but you're doing it again

doesn't really have to change much!
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