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In which there is too much December

I seem to have hit the December fun-isn't-fun-anymore point a bit too early this year - Christmas parties and end of term dos1 are fun, and Christmas shopping is fun (honest), and writing and sending Christmas cards is fun, and all the general excitement, but after a while it just feels *complicated*. Especially if you're a muppet who is trying to study for 15 hours a week on top of working full time and still thinks Yuletide is a good idea.2

Anyway. I am off to Switzerland for three days very early on Friday morning, which is probably a good thing really - there will be daylight, and distractions, and I'll forget about all the things left behind. And everything else can wait.

1 Fiddle class and Collingwood Society last week, Dunedin and New Scotland next week, and then my office might be going for dinner the week after that, although the official party is Friday when I'm away.
2 Given how excited I get when I think about the stories I could get, it might be, but I'm still at 23/1000 words!
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