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In which I have nothing to do

For the first time in approximately forever I have nothing I need to rushrushrush at, and I'm not very sure what to do with myself!

It's been a bit of a stressful week - I'm never very good at holding lots of things in my mind, even when they're lots of little things (like writing christmas cards and buying secret santa presents and going to the post office) and I get jittery, and lots of our exams have moved to December so work is hectic, and then in the middle of it all my uncle was rushed into hospital and for a day or two they weren't sure that he would pull through. But by Friday he'd not only been moved to an ordinary ward but had drunk a cup of tea, so all must be well!

And I even got my Yuletide story posted - I was worried about becoming a late defaulter too - it's pretty rough still, but it's up, and I'll leave it until tomorrow then go play with it.

But it's a bit early to play the fiddle and not really light enough to fix my confused knitting, and I can't go shopping until I've finished being a fic_rush mod at 10, so what will I do now?
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