Jen (ylla) wrote,

The old year

We had a relatively quiet Christmas here, although since it still involved 10 people and plenty of chaos I'm not sure anyone else would have noticed! I managed to eat my Christmas dinner, which I was worried about - although I went out shopping on Christmas Eve I still really wasn't eating - and they let my uncle out to eat his, and it was all fine, but a bit subdued and lacking in silly games.

Since then I seem to have done nothing, which isn't really true, because I've been *somewhere* every day except Boxing Day - Corstorphine Hill, Cramond, Carlisle, where I spent the day in the library being researchy, into town, and along the rim of Salisbury Crags today, because I didn't have the energy for the steep side of Arthurs Seat and the main Crags path was closed - nominally because of rockfall, I think, but more likely because the council object to locals being able to celebrate Hogmanay without paying for it. I haven't done any of the things I meant to, though, or made it into the Pentlands, although that's mostly been weather and lingering lack of energy - it seems a waste of a free week, though.

And now I have a cold, which is not a good end to either the holidays or the year, but had to happen sometime - I don't think I've had one since February, although I've kept feeling like I was about to.
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