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The new year

I am never very keen on Hogmanay - it always seems to want to know why I didn’t do more with the year. Fireworks and good company do improve things, though, and I have already come up with at least three plans for things to do in the new year, so I seem to have forgiven it.

So far this year I have mostly been walking down the very muddy County Durham coast in grey weather. Not that I’m saying this is a bad thing to do - the waves have been amazing, and there have been lots of exciting cliffs to look at, and it’s just nice to be out (also it has cured my cold, more or less), but if anyone asks me if I’ve been away, I’m not sure they’ll consider Peterlee a reasonable answer! I’m now in Hartlepool, staying in a very grand place called the Grand who are hopefully not going to get mad about the amount of mud in their posh room - which means HMS Trincomalee again tomorrow. I know I only just went in June, but we didn’t get to see the dockyard then, and I still haven't been on Wingfield Castle.
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