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In which I have many plans, as usual

If I start trying to list all my plans at once I'll probably start feeling guilty about the waste of time and money - although I always try to convince myself that I don't waste time and money on lots of things that other people do!

Anyway, these were the three ideas that I managed to come up with in the first three days of the year:
- I have lots of free weekends in January, but I don't think I'm going to go anywhere, I'll just enjoy them. But this magazine article is encouraging people to go to the Lake District and support it after the floods, and I already need to spend a Saturday in Carlisle... (Only it turns out you can't get from Scotland to Carlisle at the moment, so never mind.)
- Oh, I need to be in Newcastle on February 13th. And 16th. And 17th. And it's a non-teaching week at work, so I'll have nothing to do there... but I have to be in Edinburgh on the 14th. Bother.
- We're back at work on the 3rd of January next year, which means no adventuring after new year - but an adventure before new year means the buses work out for some of the Wooler things that I couldn't have done this time because Sunday and New Year's Day got in the road.

I think my two 'big' adventures for the year - things I've never done before - are going to be a genuinely big adventure to Lisbon and Cadiz and Gibraltar (the first time in 5 years I'll have gone abroad for more than a weekend without it being a dance festival), and trying to get down to HMS Victory, hopefully while the Waverley is down there too. Which will be exciting!

Otherwise there will hopefully be the traditional four weekends in the lakes for hill bagging purposes, but the weekends I'm free don't seem to be the ones the right hostels are. And I'd like to spend a week walking and cycling and generally pottering in Islay (it might be greedy to have two proper holidays in a year, but I definitely won't manage it next year), but this is also proving logistically difficult - I seem to have something on every weekend this summer already...
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