Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which there was a January

January is long and dark and slow - it's not that there weren't good things in it, but as usual I was counting down the days when the sun would rise before 8.30 and set after 4.30 and so on. But you can really see now that things have changed, so I can start hoping for spring and light and cheerfulness, at least if we stop having storms instead.

I seem to have settled down to a bunch of resolutions of the 'do so many x type' - the usual one to play the poor fiddle on 300 days of the year (299 last year!), another go at walking 1000 miles (which I strongly suspect I do anyway, but keeping track of it is harder), weekly blog posts, another go at the reading an AoS book every month, a vague intention of writing some kind of fic every month, an idea that I should try to get out on a decent walk at least twice a month (which is really easy some months and really hard others, also define 'decent'!). Not that I plan to be too strict about any of them, especially while I'm still dissertationing, but I do like having a definite Plan.

So here are January's stats:

Miles walked: 123
Fiddle days: 23/25
Blog posts made: 2/4 (the 1st Feb post might turn out to have really been January's third, if I catch up with myself, but I definitely missed the first week).
AoS books read: About 2/3 of one about Trafalgar lent to me by the secretary of the Collingwood Society, which I will finish and write up, honest, and about half of Hornblower and the Hotspur
Fic written: none
Decent walks gone on: Durham coast at the start of the month, a snowy loop round Galashiels and the Tweed later on.
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