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In which I am getting complicated

I'm definitely quite good at efficiently packing the largest amount of adventure into the smallest amount of time, but then it means that I have to get all logistical. Which is hard.

This time it goes:
Thursday night: RUNRIG! (in Glasgow)
Friday lunchtime: leave for Newcastle, via a small adventure. Talk a lot :)
Saturday: Newcastle festival
Sunday morning: come home to have posh lunch with my family

Tuesday evening: return to Newcastle for a Collingwood society talk
Wednesday: adventure to Hartlepool and the Tees Transporter bridge, unless otherwise led astray
Wednesday evening: RUNRIG! (at the Sage)
Thursday morning: go to Carlisle to do dissertationy stuff for three days
Saturday afternoon/evening: go home, via a dance in Glasgow!

So dancing costume and walking clothes and posh dresses and, worst of all, Different Shoes...

I think I've decided that the best plan is to take all the clothes for both trips the first time, when I'm going by car rather than train, and leave them with the long-suffering DL - but this does mean packing tonight or tomorrow!
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