Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I am going too far south

The Waverley south coast timetable is out, so I've been plotting a bit for a Portsmouth trip - sadly, the most practical way to do it seems to be to fly to Southampton, which is a shame, because if I'm travelling a reasonable distance I like to see the country I'm going through, and flying within Britain always feels a bit wrong.

But it is ridiculously far away - I couldn't really get further than London by train on the Friday night - and there is reaonably priced accommodation in Southampton and not in Portsmouth, and Waverley is sailing from Southampton first, and it's September, so it would be dark most of the time I was on a train anyway.

So Friday night flight, Saturday going round the Isle of Wight without touching it, and Sunday being historical in ships and naval museums and things before an evening flight home.

The next step is to stop dithering and book it all, but I'm never very good at that one!
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