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In which it is still not spring

I am ready for some spring now, please. Monday - once the haar wore off - was cold but gloriously sunny, and I sat on the meadows and ate my dinner and watched all the people having fun, but yesterday and today, although probably not any colder, have been grey and damp and dismal.

Still, we’ve exploded with crocuses in the last couple of weeks, after a long time when it looked like the daffodils were trying to get in first, and the daffodils are starting to be brave, and there’s even blossom on some of the trees (is there a reason why white blossom is the earliest, or is it just coincidence with the kind of trees we have?). So it’s coming.

I forgot the most confused things when I made the last post - my profile went all wrong on my work computer, so that every time I logged on none of my settings were right - and then someone from IS came to delete me, but that only made things worse, because I somehow got a temporary profile instead, and someone from central IS had to try various creative ways of deleting that, because it didn’t want to go. It was late on Friday before I was properly exorcised and my computer looked like mine again.

And worst of all, I’ve suddenly gone allergic to the poor fiddle - red lumps on my neck - when I never was before. And I still have 5 tunes to learn before Fridayl
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