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In which I am a grump

I emerged from dissertation chaos just in time to be engulfed by exam period chaos, and there are bluebells and pink blossom outside but I can't go out to look at them, and all sorts of things that I could be doing with my new free time, but I'm too tired. So there.

Hectic weekend probably didn't help, but I don't really regret it - I went to Paxton House near Berwick with the Collingwood Society on Saturday (where there were quite a lot of bluebells but more wild garlic), and then started on a mad dash that should have taken me to join up with the rest of my family in Tarbert (where all the bluebells where hiding up by the castle), only the train was badly delayed at Airdrie, and instead I spent the night in a Glasgow full of happy Hibs fans, and went down on the early morning bus. I've been on that bus once or twice before, and although it's a silly time to get up, I've never seen Argyll look more beautiful than in that early morning sunshine, so it has its compensations.
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