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In which I have been busy

I have been meaning to make a post for weeks now, about how I am tired and want to have nights in now most things have stopped for the summer, but keep having nights out instead - but I've been too busy! And busy writing other things for picowrimo, to be fair.

Anyway, there was a week when the sun shone, and:
Saturday - I went to Corstorphine Fair, and we danced at the Anstruther Harbour Festival.
Sunday - we had a trip practice.
Monday - I want to Sandy Bell's, and danced in the Gardens.
Tuesday - I unexpectedly had dinner with RK, who was back in Edinburgh for a week.
Wednesday - dancing with Dunedin.
Thursday and Friday - I finally had a rest.
Saturday - we had our summer dance.

Then there was a week when it rained.
Sunday - I met up with RK again and other people and talked.
Monday - I followed LJ fashion by going to see Love and Friendship with SB (which I meant to review properly but never got round to).
Tuesday - I had an adventure to Newcastle to a Collingwood Society talk.
Wednesday - dancing with Dunedin.
Thursday - I went shopping and bought 6 tops and a pair of trousers with 7 pockets.
Friday - Resting before...
Saturday - we had another trip practice and went to Newcastle RSCDS's summer dance in Alnwick in a small mob and laughed a lot.
Sunday - I went to Melrose Abbey, and for an unintentional walk in the rain.

This week the sun has come back, more or less, and I'm trying to be quieter - only the early session at Sandy Bell's so far, and Dunedin tonight - but albanach has sneaked back to Edinburgh (I think I'm allowed to say that now!) and might want to see me.

Oh well. If I had nothing to do I'd complain about that. I'm trying hard to be sensible about bedtimes, though - and still failing.
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