Jen (ylla) wrote,

Home again home again

Back in Edinburgh, where it seems to have become autumn in spite of the tourists - wet and cold and windy, and with that autumn bite to the air even when it was sunny yesterday morning. I didn't exactly want to come back, but I seem to be reconciled to it, and have been through the Fringe programme in my usual unimaginative fashion (making a shortlist from the folk and baroque (and earlier) music and ignoring all the rest), and started going though the book festival programme, only that's so much easier on the paper copy I can't find. I am, however, annoyed with Max Adams for appearing at 11am on a Monday!

And I'm off to the Lake District this weekend and to a wedding in Aberdeen next weekend, so I haven't exactly stopped having adventures...

Anyway, I made it down to Argyll, which looked unimaginably green after Andalucia, and spent three days there before heading off again - one nice sunny one when we just pottered about, one mixed one when we went to Gigha, and one when I couldn't go walking because it rained, and couldn't go on the Waverley because she didn't come (I think because she was scared of getting wet - the sign said 'adverse weather conditions', but there weren't any). And then I was off again, to a dance festival in northern Germany, which was great fun, but always seems to be over before it's got started.
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